20 Hottest Russian Women

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What do you imagine when you hear the words “Russian women”? Most of the foreign guys imagine the sexiest women of the whole world. Russian women are in the top 20 the hottest women in the world.

It is impossibly easy to find 20 the hottest women in Russia. Mountain lion glance, straight posture and proud stride are all about them. Moreover, these ladies are fond of foreign guys. They are seeking for hot brave and valiant knight. In addition, Russian women are incredibly sexy. They take care of their body and appearance regularly.

The sexiest Russian women know how to make men happy. Just take a look at their photos – they are amazing. For our information, these are not female athletes, they just have great bodies. They are regular Russian woman. There are thousands of such girls on the mail-order sites. In this article, we made a list of the most attractive and successful Russian ladies. Now, let’s take a closer look at actresses and models, whose we have chosen.

#1 Natalia Pereverzeva


Natalia Pereverzeva

Natalia Pereverzeva is a Russian model and the winner of the contest “Miss Russia”, “Miss of beauty” and “Miss of the world”.  This hot model is very beautiful and unique. You can see that beauty in the photos. In addition, Natalia Pereverzeva is very involved in the social life. She began working when she was studying at the university. Can you believe that such an attractive woman is a real professional in the economic sphere? You should believe that because, Natalia Pereverzeva has graduated from the Finance Academy. Hot Russian girls are very intelligent and well-educated. She is very gorgeous. Besides activities in a model sphere, Natalia Pereverzeva gives donations to the fund “Lina of life” and “World fund of wild nature”. Later, Natalia Pereverzeva has created several songs in English and Russian languages. Nowadays, this amazing lady is a TV host. 

#2 Nastasya Samburskaya

  • Occupation: Actress, singer, model and TV host
  • Born: March 1, 1987
  • Instagram: http://instagram.com/samburskaya
  • Find more details here


Nastasya Samburskaya

Nastasya Samburskaya is one of the most promising artists of Russian cinema. Sexy, energetic, serious and cheerful is all about her. She is only 32 years old, but she has reached a lot in her life. Nastasya Samburskaya is fond of sports and arts. Hot Russian beauties can combine uncombined activities. She came from a small town in Russia, but this wasn’t an obstacle for her. Nowadays, Nastasya Samburskaya is well-known all over the world. She was an actress in dozens of films and performances. Nastasya Samburskaya is like a typical Russian girl, who is ready to set goals and reach them.

#3 Natalya Rudova

Natalya Rudova


Natalya Rudova is only 36, but she is a famous Russian theatre and movie actress. Beside it, she is very cute, brilliant, hot and decent. Natalya Rudova has already attracted thousands of men from different corners of the world. From early childhood, Natalya Rudova wanted to be an actress. After school, she enters the Regional School of Art. During her studies, she was also working. Nowadays Natalya Rudova is addicted to sport and different diets. She prefers experiments. For example, once she tried a chemical diet. She will never get bored. Natalya Rudova is a dream of every man.

#4 Victoria Lopyreva

She is an official ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Victoria Lopyreva

As a model, Lopyreva has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Gala, Future Television, L’Officiel, Beauty, Beauty Unlimited, NRG, OK!, and HELLO!. She also was a director of the Miss Russia pageant for a while. In 2006, Lopyreva hosted the Miss Europe pageant held in Ukraine. In 2008, she took part in the Russian version of Survivor, Last Hero. Lopyreva is an ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018. She will participate in the events of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, to promote the image and tradition of Rostov-on-Don and all of Russia, to talk about the goals and objectives of the championship, and to take part in promoting the ideas of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

#5 Anna Chipovskaya

Anna Chipovskaya


Anna Chipovskaya is only 32 now, but he has acted in more than 40 movies. Her parents want their daughter to become a translator. However, Anna Chipovskaya in 15 years enrolled in drama school. She has a target and no obstacles. Tender, grace, and dignity are all about her. It proves that Russian brides are very different and can fit any taste.

#6 Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya


Elizaveta Boyarskaya is a real rope model for any Russian woman in her 35. She is a model and actress, who has been started in more than 50 movies. Elizaveta Boyarskaya is very talented. Besides that, her popularity among man allows her to be family-oriented. Above all, she managed to create a perfect family while combining it with her career.

#7 Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova


Svetlana Khodchenkova was born in Moscow and she is only 36 now. Svetlana used to work for a modeling agency. She has built a brilliant career. In Russia, Svetlana Khodchenkova is regarded as one of the hottest women that you can meet. She is attractive sincere and brave. Svetlana Khodchenkova has thousands of fans.

#8 Elena Temnikova

Elena Temnikova


Elena Temnikova is a Russian singer, television personality and fashion designer. She came to prominence as a contestant in the talent show Star Factory and as one of the three members of the Russian girl group Serebro, which represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Elena Temnikova is also very beautiful and sporty. Therefore, her movies have a record amount of views and all of that is because of her.

#9 Agnia Ditkovskyte

Agnia Ditkovskyte


Agnia Ditkovskite is a Russian actress who was able to prove by her own example that becoming a screen star is possible without special education. Expression and style are equally characteristic of this artist, which allowed her to occupy her own place in Russian cinema. In addition, she attracts people by her model figure, which is typical for sexy Russian women.

#10 Paulina Andreeva

Paulina Andreeva


Not only cute but also talented Paulina Andreeva is only 30. Regarding this, she is a movie star. Despite the fact that no one in her family was associated with the theater or any other art, the artistic inclinations of the future actress manifested themselves at an early age. Visiting the theater did not bring the girl pleasure in her childhood, but everything changed, as soon as Paulina Andreeva began to perform herself – to sing and read poetry. Actress with a model figure is the dream of every man.

#11 Ekaterina Smirnova

  • Occupation: Model


Ekaterina Smirnova

The young Muscovite Ekaterina Smirnova began her career as a teenager, publishing her photos on social networks. It is not surprising that in the future this model won universal acclaim and signed a contract with the successful Next agency in Paris because this girl has a genuine determination to carry out the tasks. Beautiful Ekaterina is a versatile person whose inner world is full of rich colors.

#12 Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich


Energy, the ability to achieve a goal, a desire for self-improvement and total progress is all about Anna Khilkevich. She is well known not only for her intellect and pretty hot appearance but also for her brilliant wit. Anna Khilkevich is so talented, that only one film helped her to become known through Russian borders.

#13 Katerina Shpitsa


Katerina Shpitsa

Katerina Shpitsa is a real star not only of Russian cinema but also of Russian hot beauty. She was able to perfectly show herself not only on the big screen but also on the stage, with which, in fact, the path of a talented actress began. Also, she is an attractive model with an unrepeatable figure. In her youth, she has won a local beauty contest and also worked as a model. Later she was a star in more than 30 movies, that brings her to the top of popularity.

#14 Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina


Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer, actress, composer, and model. She is only 32 years old, but she has already represented Russia at the Eurovision-2015 pop song music competition. Despite it, she was a mentor of the show “Voice” of the 4th and 5th seasons, the performer of many hits. Polina Gagarina is a typical Russian woman – young, beautiful and very talented.

#15 Julia Pershuta

Julia Pershuta


Julia Pershuta is a stunning Russian singer and actress, who is from early childhood was fond of dancing and singing. She is also working very hard to achieve her goals. Julia Pershuta came from a pretty poor family but could earn money on her own, without support. It is a good example to follow. She is also the winner of a model and musical contests. It is a real dream of every man.

#16 Agata Muceniece

Agata Muceniece


Agata Muceniece is Russian actress of Latvian origin. She is only 30. This charming girl could go a completely different way and become a successful model or translator from Chinese. The fate prepared her strong trials from early childhood. Dad was gone when Agatha was 3 years old. Mom had to put the little daughters on their feet alone. Difficult times have come for the family. She bitterly shared that they definitely had nothing to put on with her sister at school. More affluent peers laughed at the modest clothes of the girls, calling them “homeless.” However, Agatha Muceniece never tormented her tired mother with requests for expensive outfits.

Moreover, she tried to amuse her family with funny scenes and little performances. The girl recited poems beautifully, sang and danced.  Nowadays, she is quite beautiful, cheerful and cute. Fate is very crucial with hot Russian girls, but they are strong and can overcome all.

#17 Anna Gorshkova

Anna Gorshkova


Anna Gorshkova is a Russian actress and model, who made her debut as Polina Penkova in the 2003 soap opera Bednaya Nastya. Gorshkova was born in Moscow, where she worked as a model. In 2001, she enrolled at the State University of Management in the Department of Sociology and Human Resources. In 2003, Gorshkova graduated from the “Amedia” acting school. So she proves one more time that beauty is not an obstacle to build a great career.

#18 Olesya Fattakhova

Olesya Fattakhova


Olesya Fattakhova is a popular Russian actress, in her piggy bank there are more than 35 film works. Her sweet face and romantic image do not leave fans of her work indifferent. The future artist Olesya Aleksandrovna Fattakhova was born in Kaliningrad. The girl did not dream of becoming an actress either in childhood or in early adolescence. She liked the music in which Olesya had already achieved good results, more than once becoming a laureate of international competitions. So she planned to devote her future adult life to the world of music. But once the girl fell in love with her rosy cheeks, blue eyes, curls, and a smile. Therefore, she girl wanted to get acquainted with the theatre world.

#19 Polina Maksimova

Polina Maksimova


Polina Maksimova is a Russian actress and TV host, whose star was lit up after the premiere of the series movie, where she was the main hero. Young, beautiful and expressive Polina is a model in different men’s magazines. She is also a really hot and sexy lady.

#20 Maria Gorban


Maria Gorban

The last but not the least woman we selected is Maria Gorban. She is a hereditary actress who has already made a career in theater and cinema. The actress was especially fond of the viewer nowadays. Since childhood, having dreamed of a corporate career, she did not suspect that she would turn into a movie star who would hit the audience with her beauty and talent.

To sum up, you know a lot about Russian ladies now. In general, Russian girls are very beautiful, sexy, hot and talented. In case you want to meet one of them, use mail order bride service and your life will turn into paradise. Enjoy!

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