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Online services, which provide users with the opportunity to meet the soulmate via distance, are available in each country and allow to choose the couple from any part of the world. The special attention is paid to Slavic women from Eastern and Western Europe. The brightest representatives of women from Western Europe are Romanian women, with charming black eyes and an unforgettable smile.

To imagine how they look like you may refer to one of the most famous girls associated with Romania – Esmeralda, who conquered the simple guy, warrior, and even priest. These men felt more strength, and will to fight for love and perform feats. What is so special in these hot brunettes and how they make their beloved feel like Gods?

Romanian brides

Dating a Romanian Woman
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The main weapon of Romanian ladies in a war for love is the sincerity and openness. They like to impress and used to make all efforts for that. They care about their appearance and feel each day like a fiesta. So, here are few facts that are important to be considered when daring Romanian lady.

Outer Beauty

Most of the Romanian women are tender swarthy brunettes with black eyes. Sometimes you may meet blonds with dark skin and eyes or brunettes with green eyes. Such unusual combinations make their appearance more exotic and really hot. These women know how to stress their strong sides and care about their beauty, so remain young and pretty for a long time.

Romanian females like to be bright. They like attention and compliments and choose their image accordingly, so probably you will feel proud to be by the same side with a beautiful Romanian lady. At the same time, they want to see the same attitude to your image from your side. Don’t make common mistakes wearing something sloppy. It is very important to look harmonic with each other. The best strategy is to adhere to some casual style, which considers elements of elegance.

Inner Beauty

Romanian girls are very kind and have loving hearts. As was mentioned above they are sincere and will never hide something from you. They are ready to discuss issues and resolve any problems, instead of gathering negative emotions inside and explode with them. Many psychologists find such an approach as a way for healthy relations. Yes, the discussion may be sometimes bright and passionate, but you can be sure it will be done in a private atmosphere, and never will be shown at public or bring some negative sense personally to you.


The intelligence of Romanian woman doesn’t come down to education only, although the percentage of ladies, who graduated university in Romania is extremely high. These ladies were taught to be self-confident, take decisions and be independent. In such a way marrying Romanian bride you will have her as a wife and at the same time as a wise partner, who will be involved in a family business and care it if it is necessary. And as a small bonus, your Romanian wife will belong to those types of women, who can maintain an interesting discussion on any topic. Moreover, there will be lots of cases, when she will be an initiator of interesting dialogs, so you will never feel bored with her. But don’t worry, these women with traditional family values know when it is a good time to leave some space to the husband and leave him alone for a while.

Family Values

Romanian beauties grow in big families, where children have strong connections with their mothers and total respect to the father. The same model is transferred further to own relationships, where the husband is the head of the family and the wife is responsible for household and children.

Top Sites Where to Find Romanian Brides

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If you are already interested in looking for your second half among Romanian mail order brides, it will be useful to know where and how you can do it. The answer to the first part of this question looks quite simple: on international online dating platforms that cover Romania. But if you try to google something like “find a bride from Romania”, you will see a bunch of websites that will be glad to provide you with such an opportunity. But how to choose the best one, the site that will meet all of your expectations and requirements?

The list of these requirements can is different for each person, but here are a few common things that you must check out.


Is the environment safe? Do not forget that when you put some of your personal information into the worldwide web, you need to be one hundred percent sure that it is well protected. So no fraudsters will be able to steal it;


Are you communicating with the real women? If the platform has no anti-scam protection, or this protection is not working good enough, the risk that the person you are speaking with is just a scammer who uses a fake account with photos of some model increases rapidly. You will not be glad to waste your time in such way.


Is this platform works for people with the same intention? There are so many online dating platform and historically each of them became more attractive for some kind of people. For example, some websites forbid to speak about an intimate part of the relationships, so men who would like to avoid this topic in conversation are glad to use them. So it will be more than useful to perform a little research and find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the site and what kind of women it attracts.

Easy Going

Is it easy to work with this site? The first online dating website was created more than twenty years ago and many websites that you can find on the internet were created a long time ago. Many of them upgraded their design, some of them even more than only one time. It means that navigation on the site may be changed a couple of times. So you should check is it intuitively understandable for you. Because you do not need to spend a lot of time to understand how this or that feature works.

As mentioned above, you can add at least a couple more bullet points to this list that is crucial for you. So the question “how to find the right website?” is not so hard anymore. And if you do not have enough time to check does the platform has protection systems and well-proven reputation, here are a few sites that you can use for sure:


After we find the exhaustive answer on the question “where?”, let’s go further to the question “how?”. The answer to this question also looks simple, isn’t it? If you already know where can you meet Romanian mail order wives, you need to communicate with them to attract. But what kind of communication channels are available on dating sites?

Here is a list of the most popular options:

  • Chat. The most dynamic channel that allows you to communicate fast by exchanging of brief messages;
  • Mailing. The most sensual channel that fits for those who determine themselves as romantics;
  • Phone or video call. In this case, the website will provide you with an interpreter to help with the language barrier;
  • A personal meeting in Romania, if you decide to visit your lady in her country. An interpreter will be also provided.

As you can see you have all the tools to attract your special one, so the last question: are you ready for it?


Dating a Romanian woman is like an adventure, where you will feel each day like in a fairy tale. These women know how to bring happiness and fete to the casual life. You will never feel boring or lonely together with your beautiful Romanian soulmate, found at the most reliable online platforms for singles!

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